At bottom every man knows well enough that he/she is a unique being, only once on this earth -Nietzsche-

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Unforgotten

@Suq Azbakeyya, Attaba
I love love love this place, disini tempat berburu buku-buku or majalah bekas yang berkualitas. Few of them knew me well they even called me ameeratul Azbakeyya (ratunya buku-buku bekas) ahahaha ...

@Griya Jateng's pantry
I worked here as room attendant, errr I mean office girl, guide etc whoehhehehe ... had so many wonderful memories here. Missed a lot :(

@City Stars
Once upon a time I was ... mata 'mall'en *kata-kata ini dapet dari istrinya GusMus swaktu nganter blio ke Geneina Mall hahah .. sounds cute :D

@AUC Bookstore
I love bookstore. n I love Donald Trumph am always dreaming to attend his 'the apprentice' show LOL

@Nile River
I heart this river. It gave me warm feeling even when my heart felt so cold. I super love to see Nile when its foggy every morning on my way to college.

@Virgin Megastore
I was regularly visit this Sir Richard Branson's store. And my fave spot has to be architecture n design. But gosh, they're so damn pricey!

@Coffee Bean n Tea Leaf
Their ice chocolate was awfully yummy!! Its far far away better than starbucks or costa coffee ^_^ n yay.. their banana pecan pie was also deliiiicious

But starbucks was being so nice. They gave me small cuppa moccha frappe for free on my birthday :D *owh n its actually new years gift LOL

@Cilantro Cafe
I love to spend sometime at cafe, browsing, reading magazine or just ngobrol-ngobrol with bestfriend :D .. dan pastinya ambil gambar makanan yang dipesen, hehehe its really me :P

@Cinnabon Bakery n Cafe
I've always believed that J.CO is nothing to compare with cinnabon bakery. They're too too delicious n melty *salivating n drooling for that pecanbon :D

@Abbas El Aqd street
I love this street. There are many dine n fastfood restos, cafes, boutiques n food vendors. Up till now, masi sering inget gimana cara kumsary (kernet angkot) tereak-tereak ngucapin abbas al aqd hahaha :D

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