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Friday, February 10, 2006

Sayonara....Cairo Book Fair 2006

The Cairo International Book Fair 2006 was over. but I just wanna tell you about things that were still remaind in my head. I went to the book fair four times and the first day I went there, I met Samy Yusuf. Yaph, he's one of the singer that wellknown for his islamic songs in Egypt and probably all over Arab countries. I met him in Darussalaam bookstore, I guessed he's looking for some islamic book. No one recognized him but only few people that realized he was Samy Yusuf including me and some of malaysian girls taking his picture. But when I saw him again after walking around, he was surrounded by people and it's so crowded. I thought, He must bring more bodyguard to keep him away from people, hehehehhehe.

Mmmm, I also went to the AUC (American University In Cairo) bookstore. I really like the AUC Bookstore because they have a lot of literature books about Egypt. There were more than five hundred books that contains Egyptian Literature such as the language, folklore, Coptics people, Nubia Island, Moslem Egypt etc. But the price was so high so I just wondering to buy all of them when I do get a job, xixi.

Besides, I was also interest to the building layout. It was look like conservatory that I saw in english home magazine. And it didn't need a lot of lamp in the morning till evening as the conservatory would let the sun goes inside. The best design from the exhibition I guess. There, I bought 2 books, "Father Of River" that tells about Nile river and the book from Anne Marie Schimmel "My Soul Is A Woman". I was lucky b'coz it was in the very low price, less than 15 EGP. O Yap, Germany was the main guest country in the Book fair this year.

Things that I like the most was Flea market or Azbakeyya. It's a treasure for me. I bought many magazine like "Wallpaper", "Your Home", "Living Etc", "Gourmet" etc. It's fun because I have to bargained all of those books although sometimes I just feel s0 guilty when the man was keeping the price so high. But, It's a neverending fun anyway, xixixi.

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