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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Fashion Show

We went to the Fashion show held by the Egyptian goverment and joined by the Turkish Company for Fashion named Y-London. It was held in Mu'tamaraat (confrence center) in Nasr City, Cairo. It wasn't so nice (for me) because they didn't show the Haute Couture Collection but only a few clothes for ready to wear (pret a Potre).

Me, together with Roiz, Rijal and Masao went at five and unfortunately, the exhibition weren't ready at all. It was so awful because they missed a lot of things such as lighting that weren't bright enough, or even the places has no point of interest to catch the visitor's eyes. I noticed only 5 or 6 that professional in displaying their collection.

Fashion is always changing in Egypt but the fashion show are rarely to held. They only make the fashion show for a limited person, especially for the very-very highclass people.

There are a lot of Fashion or life style magazine in Egypt or from other Arab League countries such as Dubai (Emirat) and Libanon. Almost 40 percent from them are moslem fashion magazine as we know that almost -but not all- women in middle east are veiled.

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