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Saturday, February 18, 2006


CiNNaMon RoLL......I'm So Crazy for this kind oF snack. Hot from the oven, this dough is filled with cinnamon and brown sugar, then topped with melted butter cream or chocolate. Hmmmm...How can I not Love it ???!!!???
There are a lot of kind from those cinnamon rolls like Cinnabon itself, Minibon, Pecanbon, Chocobon, Cinnapacks and the new one Cinnabon bites. It usually eaten hot and accompanied with hot drinks like capuccino, coffee or macchiato. There are also many cold drinks provided. If U wanna more milk for your coffee or tea, just go to the condiment bar and take as much as U need.

The fresh and open kitchen make anyone easy to see while they're working, rolling the dough and bake it. For the place, although it's cozy, but sometimes I just feel uncomfort bcoz the place is too crowded and I got bored with the very long queue especially on weekend.

I got some recipes from the internet and wish that someday I can make cinnamon roll by myself, HoPe sOO

Cinnabon It's not originally from Egypt, but they got as franchisor here.
Store Location in Cairo (That I Visited) :
1. Carrefour, Maadi
2. Metro Supermarket near to the Geneina mall, Nasr City
3. City Stars at 3rd floor, Nasr City

By : Mae
Who Loves Cinnabon So Much :)

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