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Friday, April 21, 2006

The Book....aNd My Short Story there!!

To tell the truth, I was totally shocked and was never really happy when my friend told me that one of my short story will be published in Afkar (one of the students bulletin made by NU) and chosen to be published on the short story book by then.

Not to tell that was a bad story, but I was just surely having no confidence because I remembered it was done in hurry and I got a bad mood that day. If only I could, I'd prefer the other one from my collection.

But....I just wanna say thanks anyway to all friends who have given me supports that my short story is nice enough and deserves to be published.

About the short story, I got inspired from my really best friend (means..husband wannabe hehehe). We always share about everything especially about life and study,and one day he told me about things that inspired me when I was feeling so desperate about myself.

Then, I made the short story with the title "Cerita Seribu Menara". It's telling about a student In Cairo that feeling so nervous and hopeless about his future. He couldn't concentrate nor focused on his study because he always missing his family and big wishes to make his family proud with him, especially his mother. His feeling getting worst when finally he got the information from his aunty in their homeland that his mother was dead and he didn't know what should he do. He was feeling that thousand minarets falling over him. Yeah, it was a sad ending story.

Things I wanna draw a line from that short story, that we shouldn't give up or even desperate with our own future. We have past precious moments to learn, a present day to always do our best and future that inspire us to dream, to reach our wishes.

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