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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Prophet Mohammed's Birthday

It was by accident when finally we arrived to the sweets shop at Makram Al-Abid area. Because the Maulid Nabi (Prophet Muhammed's birthday) were coming on the next day (Rabi'ul Awwal 11 1416), so the sweets shops everywhere were very crowded. We didn't plan to buy anything but only to go sight seeing.

I was having a plan to go to Husein Mosque to see the Maulid Festival, but I got the wrong information so I was just missing that day.

The Maulid Nabi Festival is held every year in Egypt as the Egyptians are very respect to the Prophet Mohammed. Usually, a week before the H-day, a lot of non-permanent sweets shop are built in every place. They sell various sweets ranging from the cheapest to the expensive one. We can choose any sweets we want and buy it per-kilos or we just buy the box of sweets that already filled with various sweets. I didn't remember the name of all those sweets but generally, they're all looked almost the same. Made from the white sugar then add with various kind of nuts or coconut, it's almost similiar to Ting-Ting (sweets from Indonesia). For those who has a toothache problem, not eat :)

The most interesting thing from The Maulid Nabi festival, there are a lot of Bride dolls (called Arrousa in Egypt). Every sweets shop sell it and they are dressed in a very colourfull colors such yellow, red, blue or white. I still don't know why bride dolls are sold in Maulid Nabi Festive but maybe it has been tradition from long-long time ago.

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akunamasao said...

ya udah... ga sah nyesel..
kali aja taun depan masih disini..
jangan lupa tanggalnya dicatet yach!!
hekekekek... :)) =))